Regulus is one of the four Royal stars and is in the 6° Leo. Regulus is in the heart of the Lion and stands for courage, rulership, royal power, leadership, boldness, bravery, and good luck.

When one has one of the four royal stars on a key position in the horoscope, the Gods multiply the blessing in his life, according to Hermes.

According to Zoroaster, the star is the most influential, pure and decent as it is very close to the ecliptic of the Sun.

According to Agrippa, the Regulus takes away anger and melancholy, makes men temperate, and grants favor.


Regulus talisman can be very preventive and helpful when one is running a risk of heart diseases or needs to support his heart. Regulus can be very therapeutic against melancholy, depression, and bad moods.


In March I will make Regulus talismans.

On that day the royal fixed star Regulus will be highly dignified the following ways:

  • Moon fast and waxing applying to a conjunction with Regulus
  • Regulus is on midheaven
  • Night of Venus/hour of Jupiter
  • Jupiter rising term
  • The Sun as ruler of the Regulus sign is highly dignified by exaltation

I will perform ancient Babylonian ritual, which includes conscious 10-days fasting prior to the talismans consecration ritual; gathering of Regulus herbs myself on the right planetary moments.

The herb of Regulus is Celandine.

The esoteric symbol of Regulus is:

The gemstones are garnets and gems that resemble the color of the heart of the Lion.

The talismans will be made in the forms of jewelries, rings and pendants that will be made of silver, gold and with the gemstones that pertain to Regulus- the heart of the Lion.

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Dr. Krasi Attasio DMA

Certified astrologer from the Academy of Medieval Astrology of Robert Zoller in London

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