Amulet for Protection, Knowledge, Enhancing Intuition, Luck, and Finding Balance.


Ereshkigal of ancient Mesopotamia is considered to be one of the manifestations of Venus. A very special manifestation of Venus while she is in her invisible phase. Venus has three phases- a Morning Star, Evening Star, and Invisible.

If you read this, probably you are familiar with my Venus Morning and Evening Stars talismans. They have clear, obvious, and easy to discover and enjoy influences always related to luck, money and love.


Venus as Invisible star is the most complex to understand principle or manifestation of Venus, as you may need to have the needed sensitivity and high vibrations to experience her energies. The energies of the invisible planets are more delicate, intrinsic, introvert, and there is a reason for that, they are literary not visible from our perspective and symbolically they descend into the netherworld.


So, Venus as invisible planet, represents the principle of the Mesopotamian Goddess Ereshkigal, which is the Goddess of “the Land of No Return”.

Ereshkigal is a daughter of Anu- the God of the Sky and together with her twin brother Enki, she is born from his tears as a result of his sorrow after his separation from his sister Ki- the Earth. So, his tears fall in the salty waters of Tiamant and as a result Ereshkigal and Enki were born.

Ereshkigal rules the Underworld and the death people and she knows with profeciency their destinies, lessons and because of that she is very knowledgeble.

She is a witch, she knowls magic, she is the one that would revenge the unfaitful lovers. Ereshkigal is this natural phenomenon that is a restoring the balance in the nature as she is responsible for the invisible life, the life that occurs under the surface of the Earth.


The Ereshkigal Amulet


When addressed and invoked properly and with great respect, Ereshkigal is a protective Goddess, that will be your protective accompanying spirit, which will not allow enemies to come near you.

She will also enhance your intuition, show you knowledge and truth, and open new horizons of your perspectives. She will also help you find emotional balance and harmony.


This are the powers of Ereshkigag, the Goddess of the Land of No Return.

The amulets of Ereshkigal are made during a very special and unique planetary moment while she was highly dignified in a very special way. She visited the Kingdom of her brother Enki. What does that mean?

Astrologically, astronomically, the Invisible Venus entered Aquarius. What can she bring us while in Aquarius?

Aquarius is the sign ruled by Enki, the beloved twin brother of Ereshkigal. She feels great in his kingdom, where she is loved and powerful. In addition, due to the specific position of the point of the Vernal Equinox for our era, Venus has specific powers and dignities in Aquarius.

Therefore, astronomically, mythologically and symbolically, the position of the Invisible Venus in Aquarius is beautiful for the invocation of her spirit and the craetion of powerful protective astrological amulets. Of course, the other astrological configurations and the moon phase are taken into consideration as well.


The Creation of the Ereshkigal Amulets


For the creation of the amulets of the Invisible Venus will be made following strictly the Mesopotamian Babylonian benevolent tradition. This will include the needed:


  • 10 days fasting and purification
  • the herbs and the essential oils of the planet, which herbs I am gathering myself at the most appropriate planetary moments
  • gemstone of the planet
  • appropriate precious metals
  • music of the planetary spheres
  • occult sign and number of the planet
  • consecration ritual


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Dr. Krasi Attasio DMA

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