On this page I am reviewing to you some of the testimonials that I received from people.

These are only some of the comments that I receive per email. I wish I could show you all wonderful emails of people who benefit from the blessing of my astrological talismans made following the most authentic tradition of the astrologers of ancient Mesopotamia and Trace!

I cannot disclose the names, because I never asked for their permission. However, they will recognize themselves:



Jan 2019

I got the ring!!!!! My mom gave the package on Friday morning in the hour of Venus too! Ha ha!

It is beautiful and smells divine! I even feel more feminine.

Omg! It really works!!!! That Friday people who never speak to me were incredibly chatty and kindness was felt by all. Women who are normally standoffish didn’t act as if they were threatened by me! This is great and would probably limit the amount of curses and evil eyes sent my way!

I don’t know what to say. You have the Midas touch!


Jan 2019


My love!!! I bought the Aldebaran ring. Sweetheart I have to write a review on the Venus ring. This ring is a magnet for sweetness.

I think I read somewhere that if the ring is placed in liquid and the liquid is ingested by enemies that it will make them kinder. Are there other ways to use the ring? Perhaps to lure men into my chamber?!!

For the first time ever I have a sexual attraction towards a man I don’t know! I had a meeting with the guy in January 16 and omg! He is 49. I am 39!!! I will continue to meet with this guy regarding his project.

I plan on charging candles and water with the ring. What would happen if I were to drink the water?

Any tips or tricks for the Aldebaran ring?

Thank you so much, Krasi. You are a magnificent genius.


July 2019


The moon rink is really magical. I have been having incredible dreams that have been very helpful with my therapy. There’s a big shift in my subconscious that is going on. Most of the work I am doing right now is based on therapy and the dreams have been extremely helpful. I’m looking forward to going to Bulgaria in mid July and hopefully see the Hoji.  I wanted to let you know that your ring is truly powerful. Thank you
Thank you!


Dec 2019

Hi Krasi!
How are you? I hope everything is Fine and you are doing Well!

I have to Tell you that the Venus Talisman Makes me very happy and provides me with subtle energies! Many things changed in a subtle way. Slightly slowly but noticeable.


C. G.

Apr 2020


I hope you and your family are well and hoping this crazy “virus” or whatever man made thing this is have not taken over your community. I work for the NYC fire Department and I was hit with this thing before I knew it made it to the US in early February!!! I felt the first symptom then I worked with others to change the vibration. It quickly went away but was sick again. Luckily the symptoms were mild.

So many people are dying before getting to the hospital. So many are old and weak and never even knew about the virus. Sad.

Anyway. I’m down to a slight cough and not worried about it because I’m working from home in my tiny apartment.

What I will say is I was chatting with a trusted  psychic I have befriended and she noticed the energy from each jewelry piece.

She said that ring is a “king, success, leadership, drive! Are these spellcast?! Like solar energy?” Of course it was Aldebaran!

The next one she said “This is intuition and protection just for you. Is this a moon ring? Is this supposed to be the opposite of the red ring?” Actually this one is the Venus rose quartz ring. Hmmm interesting she picked this up rather than love- but I’ll take that.

The next one she says “ this one is protective. Like a loyal guardian but is also a trickster that can flow in and out of you if you want for your benefit. But it is made for you and only you.  An old witch energy was stopping you from having this piece “.  This was Algol!!! US post office shipped it everywhere but my home. I walked miles and called so many offices to get it!!!! I had taken it off for a few weeks because I had tarnished it but I’m wearing it again religiously!

I love how she picked up on these energies and saw that these items were specifically made for me!

I have my eye on those Jupiter pieces. But for now this email is just a thank you and To remind you of how gifted and talented you are!!!



March 2020

Hello Krasi,

I hope you are doing well. I adore the jupiter talisman I acquired from you. It is beautiful and powerful. I believe it has helped me to be more aware of the healing I needed in relation to my father and men. I am being filled with love and gratitude for everything in my life.

I would like to acquire a venus talisman for myself very soon. I might like to make payments towards it to begin that process.


June 2020

Hi Krasi,

I seem to be having much more success with my conversations since
receiving the talisman of Mercury.
The other week a woman who was standing next to me in a queue started
talking to me and it provided the perfect opportunity to start talking
about the times.  I even managed to say something about ancient astrology.

N. R.

May 2020


Just to tell you how happy I am with my venus talisman; only a few days after I received it my boyfried stopped fighting with me and shows more love and appreciation;

Thank you so much, Krasi


May 2020

Dear Krasi,

Thank you for consecrating the Jupiter talisman especially for me!

I wanted to inform you about the changes that it brought to me; on emotional level I feel protected and safe, I feel stronger and luckier. This works also at work; I have better self-esteem and have better results, both financially and in terms of career goals;




Jan 2018


Your venus talisman works amazingly: I feel beautiful and feminine. My colleagues and kind and nice to me like never before; my boss is friendlier. Let’s see if my husband will change his behavior too;

Sending you love from Israel!



Feb 2019

Dear Krasi,

Just to let you know that I received the Regulus talisman just on the new moon. This is a good omen, I think. I do feel better already and feel more courageous and brave. I will update you shortly if Regulus will help me to beat my depression.




June 2019

Hi Krasi,

Please advise me if venus talisman is something for me!

I am so happy with Regulus! I do as you told me, welcome the sun, wear Regulus when melancholic and I am much better now!

Kindly advise on venus and Jupiter. Which one is better according to my chart?

Lot’s of love,



May 2020

Dear Krasi,

 I have been wearing the Venus talisman and I really feel it’s great energy. So I wanted to again thank you for your fasting and prayers on my talisman. It has brought me the man of my dreams, and I hope this time he stays forever in my life. This is first time I feel I want children and am ready.
If you see our previous emails, you also suggested jupiter for career. I do want to buy another talisman. I want to be able to have healthy children with this man. Is Venus enough for that or do I need additional stone? Will Jupiter help for healthy children. I am worried due to my age, so any help with that is good.
My birth details and your previous advice  are all in emails below.  If you dont see it, let me know.
Thanks again.

 21 July 2020
Just to update you on the amazing venus talisman that my cousin bought from you:
my cousin’s husband was drifting away.. and she told me just the other day they are back together in love.. it is so wild.

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