The ancient knowledge about the gemstones

Beatus est qui cognoscit quod vidit –           

Blessed is who knows what he sees.

Hermes Trismegistus

 Hermes Trismegistus in his ancient manuscript on the gemstones and the magical jewelry.


In ancient Babylon, the astrologers priests used to know what they see in heaven. The colours of the stars and the planets, the images and the shapes of the constellations were not only colourful images, but Gods and deities with very mystical and special role on the sky and meaning for everyone of us.

We learn this real astrological knowledge from the oldest sources, from the manuscripts of Hermes from more than 7000 years ago, that we find translated from acadian into arabic, latin and ancient greek.

The knowledge of the gemstones is as old as the astrology of ancient Mesopotamia and Babylon is. It was known and used in Mesopotamia about 13th century BC or even before. In the ancient manuscript Codex Latinus Vindobonensis 5311- “The 15 stars, the 15 gemstones, the 15 herbs, and 15 symbols”, Hermes explains how exactly to make use of the right gemstone, combine it with his planet, herb and symbol in order to bring you good health, prosperity, power, love, abundance…

There is a cuneiform tablet from Babylon called DUB.NA4.ME “Tablet about the stones”, where we read about the stones and minerals in magic and healing.

We use the forgotten knowledge of Hermes to choose and recommend the right precious stone only for you to be embedded in a unique magical jewelry created on the special astrological heavenly moment only for you. All these in order to benefit from the gifts of the sky professionally and with knowledge.

The planets and the stars are so powerful. The power of a star, Hermes says, is proportional to its shine, luster. The brighter – the stronger. Other antique texts add the ecliptic as a factor. The closer to the ecliptic- the path of the Sun the star or the planet is, the more powerful.

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