VENUS is the most beneficial star in all three phases of her manifestation. She can be a Morning Star, Evening Star, and Invisible. All three Venuses are powerful and beautiful in different ways of gorgeousness!

In May we will see Venus appearing as an Evening Star in the beautiful evening feminine constellation Taurus, which she rules. She will be then highly dignified in numerous ways. She will be in harmony with the Moon, visible, unafflicted and joyful.

(Venus as Inanna from Uruk on Mesopotamian seal. See the divine aura around her, the Moon and the Pleades too on her right side.)




When an Evening Star she appears visible on the Evening sky and mythologically she is associated with the principles of Inanna from Uruk- INANNA.SIG- Inanna of the Evening. Other name she has is MUNUS.ZI- woman, energy, principle, power, truth, essence, life, life forces!

She is the FEMALE PRINCIPLE according to the Sumerians, the REAL COW OF THE SKY, THE CELESTIAL PRIESTESS OF LOVE. She was and is associated with the basic female principle of the Universe.


A talisman of Venus as INANNA FROM URUK would bring you abundance, power, support the female principle important both, for the women and the men, she will give you energy, good health, support your love life, create truthful and friendlier atmosphere around you, increase your luck, and above all, be your GUARDIAN!

I create the VENUS Inanna from URUK talismans following the most ancient tradition of the Thracians and the Sumerians and as a combination of:

° gemstone, metal, herb, essential oil- making beautiful jewelry

° fasting ten days before the consecration of the talismans

° consecrating the talismans when the planet is highly dignified, powerful and happy


My talismans are available HERE.


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