In the ancient Babylonian mythology Ishtar- the divinity that rules Venus was depicted on cuneiform tablets and on different circular seals with the Lion.

ancient Babylonian mythology

The Morning Star Venus, the Great Divinity Inanna from Akkad, had/has her “Hidden place” in the constellation of the celestial great Lion.

ancient Babylonian mythology

ancient Babylonian mythologyTwo years ago, only as a test, I made talismans of Venus while she was a Morning Star and highly dignified in numerous ways in Leo. Now, years after, those talismans proved to be among the most powerful once that I ever made- Inanna from Akkad with her Lion.


So, the talismans you see will be created in the most appropriate astrologically elected timing to praise Venus, following the ancient Hermetic tradition, using forever-known herbs that I gather only at the perfect celestial moments consecrated essential oils, baghour of natural oudh, and finally the right natural untreated and unheated gemstones, and metals. Prior to the moment of the creation of the talismans, I am fasting ten days to reach purification and to deserve the blessing of Inanna.


When you receive your talisman, you will see it in a small metal box with herbs that will serve as a small altar for when you will not be wearing it.


The talisman of Inanna from Akkad will bring you, joy, increase your luck, support your health, serve as protection, and bless your romantic life.


My Venus talismans are HERE.

Dr. Krasi Attasio DMA

Certified astrologer from the Academy of Medieval Astrology of Robert Zoller in London

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