Regulus talisman will be made on 18.03.2019

On 18.03.2019 I will make Regulus talismans.

On that day the royal fixed star Regulus will be highly dignified the following ways:

  • Moon fast and waxing applying to a conjunction with Regulus
  • Regulus is on midheaven
  • Night of Venus/hour of Jupiter
  • Jupiter rising term
  • The Sun as ruler of the Regulus sign is highly dignified by exaltation

I will perform ancient Babylonian ritual, which includes conscious 10-days fasting prior to the talismans consecration ritual; gathering of Regulus herbs myself on the right planetary moments.

Regulus talisman will be made on 18.03.2019

The talismans will be made in the forms of jewelries, rings and pendants that will be made of silver, gold and with the gemstones that pertain to Regulus- the heart of the Lion.

The constellation Leo and Regulus-the heart of the Lion:

Shipping costs out of Europe: free

Shipping costs in Europe: free

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