The MOON according to V. Valens indicates man’s life, body, the mother, conception, beauty, appearance, sight, living together (i.e. legitimate marriage), nurture, the older brother, housekeeping, the queen, the mistress of the house, possessions, fortune, the city, the assembly of the people, gains, expenses, the household, voyages, travel and wanderings (it does not provide straight pathways because of Cancer). It is also the intuition and the emotions.

When the Moon is poorly placed the horoscope, the native will have problems with the mother, issues with maternity, emotional instability, poor health, memory loss, poor intuition.

In ancient Babylon, the Moon god Sin or Nanna is father of the Sun and Venus- Utu and Inanna. Both, Venus and the Moon are associated with fertility.

Therefore, the Moon talisman when well made on powerful planetary timing can be of great help in solving the above challenges. The Moon is so important for our health, feelings and emotions.

Every lunar day has a meaning.

According to the ideal places of exaltations of the planets according to the Babylonian astrologers, the 3° Taurus is the most appropriate “hiding place of the Moon”.

For this reason, for the making of powerful lunar talismans to aid the above qualities, I chose the 16th JANUARY 2019. So, the Moon will be dignified the following ways:

  • night of the Sun/hour of the Moon
  • Moon in exaltation degree in Taurus
  • Moon on Midheaven
  • Moon applying to aspect with Venus
  • waxing Moon
  • unafflicted Moon
  • the Moon is hyleg

The “Moon in exaltation” talisman will be very appropriate to fix cases of combust (invisible) Moon in ones native chart. This is due to the powerful position of the Moon.

I will use self grown herbs that I will gather on the day/hour of the Moon and they will be fresh mint and lemon balm.

The scents and the ritual oil will also be of the Moon.

The gemstones for the talismans will be lunar, like pearls, mother of pearls, larimar and others.

I will follow the rules of the Mesopotamian priests in order to perform my ritual, and this will include the following:

  • 10 days conscious fasting
  • Gathering own lunar herbs on the right planetary day and hour
  • Using metals and gemstones that respond to the lunar energy
  • Performing Babylonian ritual and using the scents, the colors and the herbs of the Moon
  • Using own extracted essential oils of the Moon
  • Engraving the Moon esoteric symbol on the back side of the gemstone of the talisman

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Dr. Krasi Attasio DMA

Certified astrologer from the Academy of Medieval Astrology of Robert Zoller in London

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