The Sun is the natal chart represents ourselves, the father, our potentials in achieving rank and career, power, and of course the health condition in general.

The Sun talisman can be very beneficial in terms of maintaining good health or improving health, supporting the heart, helping us in achieving rank, career opportunities and having better energetic balance, supporting our subconscious, because this is also what the Sun stands for, improving the relationship with the father as well…

There is no such beauty as the beauty of the SUN. The Master Beinsa Douno once said approximately the following: The most wonderful and outstanding beauty that exists in the World is that of the Sun.

On 31st August 2018, on the day of Venus and on the hour of the Sun, when the Luminary is highly dignified, I will be invoking the Sun spirit in order to make solar talismans.

The dignities of the Sun will be the following:

  • Hour of the Sun
  • Sun in Leo
  • Moon applying to a trine with the Sun
  • Sun on Midheaven
  • Fast Moon
  • The Sun is hyleg

I will follow the rules of the Mesopotamian priests in order to perform my ritual, and this will include the following:

  • 10 days conscious fasting
  • Gathering own solar herbs on the right planetary day and hour
  • Using metals and gemstones that respond to the solar energy
  • Performing Babylonian ritual and using the scents, the colors and the herbs of the Sun
  • Using own extracted essential oils of the Sun
  • Engraving the Sun esoteric symbol on the back side of the gemstone of the talisman

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Dr. Krasi Attasio DMA

Certified astrologer from the Academy of Medieval Astrology of Robert Zoller in London

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