Aldebaran is the royal fixed star that is in the eye of the Bull- Taurus and in the 15° of Taurus.

According to Hermes, Aldebaran has the nature of Mars and Venus together and when conjoined with the Moon, Sun, on the horizon, on the descendent, and on the ascendent denotes wealth, power and good luck to the native.

So, to have this royal fixed star on the above-listed positions is a blessing and the native will be the luckiest among the luckiest and the wealthiest among the wealthiest. He will have servants and will always be in a winning position in life…

A famous person with Aldebaran on Midheaven is Donald Trump, for example.

So, when the Moon will be conjoined Aldebaran- the eye of the Great Bull and the star will be on Midheaven, I will make talismans by invoking the spirit of the star.

For this I will use the following factors to support the invocation of the spirit:

  • Moon waning (Aldebaran has a night characteristics, so this is appropriate)
  • Fast Moon
  • Moon and Aldebaran on Midheaven
  • Exalted Moon
  • Day and hour of the Moon

My ritual will be according to the Mesopotamian tradition and will involve:

  • 10 days conscious fasting,
  • Gathering the Aldebaran herbs on the right planetary timing
  • Using the red natural untreated garnet
  • Ritual paying respect to the spirit of the star and involving the Orphic hymn to the fixed stars

The symbol that I will engrave on the gemstone during the ritual will be this:

The herb of the star that I collected on the day of Mars and hour of Mars is this:

Milky thistle seed

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Dr. Krasi Attasio DMA

Certified astrologer from the Academy of Medieval Astrology of Robert Zoller in London

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