On 27th of April 2018 at 7:27 CET, I will make this Venus talisman.

The election of this talisman is really very good, because:


  • Venus is dignified in the hour of Venus
  • Venus is dignified in the day of Venus
  • Venus is in Taurus free of afflictions
  • Venus is rising
  • Venus and the ascendent are in the term of Venus
  • In the rising term Perseus is projected on the ecliptic
  • Venus is Almuten and Alcocoden in the same time
  • Venus and the Moon are in a trine aspect
  • The Moon is applying to Venus in a harmonious aspect
  • Waxing fast Moon
  • Moon trine the ruler of the 7th house
  • The rising sign is of a short ascension


This is the chart of the moment when I will start making the talisman. The timing will be just

enough to make three talismans:

  • I will start with conscious fasting 10 days before the election.
  • Will collect my herbs as was done in ancient Babylon.
  • Will do the needed opening and preparation for ritual space.
  • I will purify the place and at 6:27 will light a candle of pink color and will start engraving the Mesopotamian symbol, character and the musical note of Venus on the back side of the gem stone and the metal (if applicable).
  • The silver, the golden ring and the pendant (only beds) will be prepared in advance. Silver is the metal of Venus, but gold works with every planet.
  • The ritual will include Venus’s music.
  • The herbs I will use will be gathered by myself personally following another ancient secret ritual.
  • The scent that I will burn in the process of work will be sweet arabic mixed scents of Venus.
  • When completing with the engraving of the symbols on the stone, I will say the Venus’s prayer to invoke the spirit of Venus and will state the purpose of this talisman.
  • Then will put the stone in the silver ring bed to receive this final talisman ring:

This is silver and rose quartz talisman 1:


This is 18 carat gold and pink quartz talisman 2:




This is 18 carat gold and large pink tourmaline talisman 3:



  • The ready female rings and pendant I will put in a pink bag together with the herb of Venus, an image of Venus, hide in a secret place and let stay for some time…

This will be talismans with great Venusian powers!

24 hours after I complete it, you may purchase it HERE.


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