All the wise philosophers in this science have said: The art of magic must be given by God and by the celestial virtues. They that say this say also that no one can be a magician unless he is illuminated by knowledge, because of the difficulties of the art, as well as the profundities that he must be able to understand. Yet this work and science, which has been perfected by the sages, and which must be studied thoroughly in the right way, is revealed to everyone.


The name (magician) is used by and among philosophers, (and) ‘magician’ then means a wise man that has the power to act.

Magic is brought to is from the most sage authors and most famous writers like Hermes Trismegistus, Porfirius, Plotinus, Orpheus the Tracian-Bulgarian, Agrippa, Thabit ibn Khura, Theophrastus, Pythagoras, Plato, Ptolemy, Giordano Bruno, Marsilio Ficino, and many more renowned philosophers. Authors, which traveled all over the world far by sea to learn the secret knowledge were Pythagoras and Plato that learned the secret art from the Prophets of Memphis.

Magic is the Royal Art of Astrology!

If you are not skilled in astrology and natural sciences; you cannot learn magic. In order to practice magic you need to have knowledge in astrology and natural sciences, because many ancient wise men including Ptolemy say that the celestial images have their material manifestation in our material world.

Magic is the highest and most sacred philosophy that unites the divine and the stars, the natural philosophy that discovers the qualities of things and their occult properties. This is how Agrippa perceives magic.

What is magic and who are the magicians is explained perfectly by Giordano Bruno in his ‘Essays on Magic’. There he says the following:

First, the term ‘magician’ means a wise man; for example, the Trismegistes among the Egyptians, the druids among the Gauls, the gymnosophists among the Indians, the cabalists among the Hebrews, the magi among the Persians (who were followers of Zoroaster), the sophists among the Greeks and the wise men among the Latins.

Second, ‘magician’ refers to someone who does wondrous things merely by manipulating active and passive powers, as occurs in chemistry, medicine and such fields; this is commonly called ‘natural magic’.

Third, magic involves circumstances such that the actions of nature or of a higher intelligence occur in such a way as to excite wonderment by their appearances; this type of magic is called ‘prestidigitation’.

Fourth, magic refers to what happens as a result of the powers of attraction and repulsion between things, for example, the pushes, motions and attractions due to magnets and such things, when all these actions are due not to active and passive qualities but rather to the spirit or soul existing in things. This is called ‘natural magic’ in the proper sense.

The fifth meaning includes, in addition to these powers, the use of words, chants, calculations of numbers and times, images, figures, symbols, characters, or letters. This is a form of magic, which is intermediate between the natural and the preternatural or the supernatural, and is properly called ‘mathematical magic’, or even more accurately ‘occult philosophy’.

The sixth sense adds to this the exhortation or invocation of the intelligences and external or higher forces by means of prayers, dedications and also from the appearance, light and location of the planets and similar objects. Still others make predictions by using divine things, like sacred names, coincidental locations, brief calculations and persevering circumstances.

In our day, these latter people are not called magicians, since, for us, the word ‘magic’ sounds bad and has an unworthy connotation. So this is not called magic but ‘prophecy’.

Nowadays, the astral mags practice renaissance magic. The magic of Mesopotamia and the Greek ancient Egypt is forgotten. There are still some traces of real knowledge in the Greek Magical Papyri that we need to rediscover in order to practice real scientific magical rituals.

Modern western astrology and astral magic do not belong together. The astral magic is a science among the highest and the finest and if you are not proficient and talented in ancient astrology, you cannot achieve good results and your talismans will only be pieces of jewelry without soul and spirit.


Dr. Krasi Attasio

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