According to V. Valens the planet Mercury indicates education, letters, disputation, reasoning, brotherhood, interpretation, embassies. It is about number, accounts, geometry, markets, youth, games, theft, association, communication, service. It also indicates gain, discoveries, obedience, sport, wrestling. Moreover, it stands for declamation, certification, supervision, weighing and measuring, the testing of coinage, hearing, versatility.

V. Valens


When Mercury afflicts or poorly places in the astrological chart, the native will have communication, speech, learning problems, issues with reasoning, interpretation as well as business difficulties.


Better communication, oratory, mental and intellectual skills, better mental reasoning and processing, improved business gain and growth opportunities.

In May 2020 I will make and consecrate Mercury talismans. I have chosen date when Mercury is highly dignified in numerous ways in Gemini, heliacally visible, in day and hour of Mercury, in harmonious aspect with the waxing Moon. The first visibility of Mercury in his own sign is not a very often observable phenomenon. When Mercury becomes visible showing up from the rays of the Sun, he will be the Prince of the day and will be denoting us his full powers and blessing.

Mercury is Hermes, the God of scribe, knowledge, astrology, science, speech, information, the Messenger of the Gods. So, this is what he will denote us when powerfully placed in Heaven and invoked to bless our talismans. His blessing will ensure his forever presence for those of us who will wear the talismans of Hermes Mercury.

I will follow ancient Thracian and Babylonian consecration rituals in order to turn the pieces of jewelry into talismans while applying self- grown magical herbs and essential oils.

The talismans of Mercury will be a combination of herbs, essential oils, musical note, ten days conscious fasting prior to the consecration ritual, symbol, hymn and prayer, color, vibration, gemstone, metal; all that belong to Mercury and most importantly, the creation of the astrological talismans starts with the perfectly elected astrological timing to invoke the spirit of the planet.






Krasi Attasio dr dma

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