Planets & Gemstones

The science of the gemstones called gemology has been used along with the science of astrology for thousands of years.

It is about the relationship between heaven and earth. “What below, so above”. These influences and connections are so significant that the power of the gemstones through the planet whose essence the stone is carrying and transferring to us, is enormous. As a matter of fact, it can really be experienced by the person who is wearing the right gem stone.

In ancient Mesopotamia every planet was represented by a divinity. These divinities had and, because nothing is actually changed since then, have magical powers. They are also responsible for certain areas of live. They have qualities and are guardians and masters and represents the main principles of the planets.

I will list the characteristics of the seven planets Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Moon, and Sun. Then I will explain you how the planetary gemstones are influencing our lives and what is the importance of wearing the right gemstone.

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THE SUN AND ITS NATURE In a nativity the all-seeing sun, nature’s fire and intellectual light, the organ of mental perception, indicates kingship, rule, intellect, intelligence, beauty, motion. Additionally, it is about loftiness of fortune, the ordinance of the gods, judgement, public reputation, action, authority over the masses. Furthermore, it indicates the father, the master. This planet is about friendship, noble personages, honors consisting of pictures, statues, and garlands, high priesthoods, rule over one’s country and over other places. SYMPTOMS OF POORLY PLACED SUN IN THE CHART When this planet poorly places or afflicts in the horoscope, the person will not be capable of reaching rank and status in society. Moreover, they will not be able to grow professionally, will have low energy. They will [...]


THE NATURE OF THE MOON The moon, lit by the reflection of the sun’s light and possessing a borrowed light, in a nativity indicates man’s life, body, the mother, conception, beauty, appearance, sight, living together (i.e. legitimate marriage), nurture, the older brother, housekeeping. Additionally, it is the queen, the mistress of the house, possessions, fortune, the city, the assembly of the people, gains, expenses, the household, voyages, travel and wanderings (it does not provide straight pathways because of Cancer). It is also the intuition and the emotions. V. Valens SYMPTOMS OF POORLY PLACED PLANET IN THE CHART Problems with the mother, issues with maternity, emotional instability as well as poor health, memory loss. THE GEMSTONE OF THIS PLANET IS: PEARL THE BENEFITS OF THE MOON [...]


MERCURY AND ITS NATURE In the first place, this planet indicates education, letters, disputation, reasoning, brotherhood, interpretation, embassies. It is about number, accounts, geometry, markets, youth, games, theft, association, communication, service. It also indicates gain, discoveries, obedience, sport, wrestling. Moreover, it stands for declamation, certification, supervision, weighing and measuring, the testing of coinage, hearing, versatility. V. Valens SYMPTOMS OF POORLY PLACED MERCURY IN THE CHART When Mercury afflicts or poorly places in the astrological chart, the native will have communication, speech, learning problems, issues with reasoning, interpretation as well as business difficulties. THE GEMSTONE OF THI PLANET IS: EMERALD THE BENEFITS OF THE MERCURIAN GEMSTONE Better communication, oratory, mental and intellectual skills, better mental reasoning and processing, improved business gain and growth opportunities.


VENUS AND HER NATURE Venus is desire and love. It indicates the mother and nurture-children. Also, it makes priesthoods, school superintendencies, high offices with the right to wear a gold ring or a crown, cheerfulness, friendship, companionship. Moreover, this planet is about the acquisition of property, the purchase of ornaments, agreements on favorable terms, marriages, pure trades. It goes for fine voices, a taste for music, sweet singing, beauty, painting, mixing of colors both in embroidery, dyeing, and unguent making. Moreover, it is about the inventors and masters of these crafts, as well as craftsmanship or trade, and work in emeralds, precious stones, and ivory. V. Valens SYMPTOMS OF POORLY PLACED VENUS IN THE CHART When the planet is afflicted or poorly placed in the [...]


MARS AND ITS NATURE The red planet indicates force, wars, plunderings, screams, violence, whoring, the loss of property as well as banishment, exile, alienation from parents, capture. Also, it stands for the deaths of wives, abortions, love affairs, marriages, the loss of goods, lies, vain hopes. Finally, it is about strong-armed robbery, banditry, looting, quarrels among friends, anger, fighting, verbal abuse, hatreds, lawsuits. V. Valens SYMPTOMS OF POORLY PLACED MARS IN THE CHART Lack of self-assertiveness, lack of motivation and personal power, lack of energy, lack of ambition and drive. Also - aggressiveness, violent behaviour. THE GEMSTONE OF THE RED PLANET IS: RED CORAL THE BENEFITS OF THE MARS GEMSTONE Self-assertiveness, motivation and drive, courage, vitality, energy for winning battles.


Jupiter indicates childbearing, engendering, desire, loves as well as political ties, acquaintance, friendships with great men, prosperity, salaries. It also refers to offices, office-holding, ranks, authority over temples, justice, arbitrations, trusts, inheritance, brotherhood, fellowship. It is about beneficence, the secure possession of goods, great gifts, an abundance of crops, relief from troubles, release from bonds, freedom, deposits in trust, money, stewardships. SYMPTOMES OF POORLY PLACED PLANET IN THE CHART When the planet afflicts or poorly places in the astrological chart, the person might not have children, will lack prosperity, won’t be lucky, will lack the blessing of the divine world, will lack abundance, will not feel healthy.   THE GEMSTONE OF JUPITER IS: YELLOW SAPPHIRE   THE BENEFITS OF THE JUPITER GEMSTONE Benefits from children, [...]


SATURN AND HIS NATURE Saturn makes those born under him petty, malignant, care-worn, self-depreciating, solitary, deceitful, secretive in their trickery. Also, it makes them strict, downcast, with a hypocritical air, squalid, black-clad, importunate, sad-looking, miserable, with a nautical bent, plying waterside trades. Actually, it causes humblings, sluggishness, unemployment, obstacles in business, interminable lawsuits, subversion of business. Furthermore, it embodies secrets, imprisonment, chains, griefs, accusations, tears, bereavement, capture, exposures of children. V. Valens SYMPTOMS OF POORLY PLACED SATURN IN THE CHART Lack of employment and career growth and achievements, lack of self-control and discipline, lack of high moral standards. They will suffer lack of structured interest towards esoteric and secret sciences. It also indicates obstacles in business, grief, tears, accusations by others, secret enemies. THE GEMSTONE [...]

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