Gemstones & You

The quality of the gemstone

Once a person receives a recommendation for wearing the right gemstone, they can purchase it. Gemstones Quality depends on their medical and astrological power. The planets and the fixed stars influence the gems by transmitting celestial energies to them and so they influence us. The stones have auras, they are alive does not matter whether we see it or not. Their purpose for us is to harmonize the planetary influences. Therefore, in order really to benefit from the powerful energies and aura of the gemstones, we need them natural. Really natural, with a natural origin, must not have been treated with heat, chemicals, glass infusions, irradiation, dyed, coloured... Treatment of the gemstones You will wonder why would someone treat the gems when this is literally "killing" the stone? Well, they do this to improve the qualities of the gems, to enhance the colour, to hide some imperfections or cracks, and [...]

The process – How to use the gemstone?

The process. Take Jupiter as an example. God Marduk rules Jupiter. He is the king of all Gods, the heart of Wisdom. He gives prosperity, good health, abundance, power, wealth, makes you lucky and blessed by the Gods. His stone is the yellow sapphire. Through the stone of Jupiter you will have the support of the deity that rules Jupiter. He is a powerful and very good God. How to use the gemstone?   The prescription If there is a need your health, prosperity, abundance or romantic relationship to be supported, the astrologer will prescribe you a gemstone. Then, you can wear it as a beautiful powerful magical jewelry- like ring or neckles.   Finding the time According to your personal horoscope, the astrologer will find the right date for making a ritual with herbs and ancient symbols. In this way, they will increase the power of your stone.   [...]

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