When the Sun was highly dignifies I followed THESE rules and created Solar talismans.
The Sun on that day was very powerful, highly dignified as such planetary configuration we have only once to twice a year.

This is a talisman of the Sun made of sterling silver.

The stone is natural untreated unheated GARNET of amazing quality.

Every gemstone is unique, so the colors can slightly vary from what you see on the picture.

The magic symbols and characters of the Sun will be engraved in the back/down side of the talisman, so that they remain secret for the public eye. As a result, it will touch the skin.

The silver Greek breaded chain is included.

This talisman is handmade and is a unique model from the sunflower collection of Krasi.

PAYMENT IN INSTALLMENT IS POSSIBLE. Contact me in case that this is your desire: krasiattasio@gmail.com