The talisman of the fixed star Algol is very specific, denotes money and protects from bad spirits, bewitching and bad eyes. Due to the complex character of Algol, such talisman can be made only on a very specific date and time while the star has protective light and is in visible heliacal phase.

More about Algol and how I created the amulets you can read HERE.

The talisman is a STERLING SILVER ring with a snake. It is completely covered with diamond slices. The sneaks illustrate the OROBORO divine protective symbol that symbolizes the Medusa too. The snake stands for protection and wisdom.

The DIAMOND is the gemstone of Medusa.

Every gemstone is unique, so the colors can slightly vary from what you see on the picture.

The magic symbols and characters of Algol will be engraved on the side of the ring.

This ring is hand made and unique model.

PAYMENT IN INSTALLMENT IS POSSIBLE. Contact me in case that this is your desire: